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July 2014

22 July 2014

3,200 protesters from all over Japan gathered in Tokyo, in order to protest against a new governments’ gloss over policy regarding long-stay psychiatric patients.

On sunny afternoon of 26th June 2014 in Tokyo, Japan, 3,200 people gathered to Hibiya Park*.
The protest, named “Better in communities, not Hospitals: Stop renovating psychiatric wards into residence”, shortly “6.26 Urgent Meeting”, was decided to be held just three weeks before the date by a collation of service users, carers, mental health professionals and disability organisations. This was the biggest kind of protests regarding mental health issues in Japanese history and it raised as much as 5,005 Pounds donation.
The participants showed their anger against Japanese government’s intention to introduce a new plan regarding psychiatric hospital wards, the plan which has been emerged in a series of committees appointed by Department of Health. They try pursuing a blow-dried plan to reuse mental hospital wards as residential facilities for long-term inpatients in order to reduce the infamously highest number of psychiatric hospital beds per capita in the world** without actually trying to discharge long stay patients into communities.
On 1st July the Department of Health committees concluded that they would pursue the “psychiatric wards into residential facilities” as one of option plans to discharge long stay patients into communities. The collation of against the plan has published their urgent statement in which they
Seeing recent history, a similar idea was once introduced in 2006 and at that time they failed to implement properly and only two hospitals made the facilities.
* Hibiya Park is located at the front of the Diet Building and Government Offices Buildings and where protesters often hold public meetings to show disapprove of state’s policy or bill.
**”the number of hospital beds per capita is highest in Japan and Korea” within
OECD countries


Photo:3,200 protesters from all over Japan gathered in Tokyo


09 July 2014

Representatives of DPI member organiz ations in North-East Asia Sub-Region

Between June 12, 2014 -June 15, 2014, Representatives of DPI member organizations in North-East Asia Sub-Region got together in Shizuoka, Japan. Participants from Korea, China, Mongolia and Japan reported the current situation,
 challenges of persons with disabilities in each country and future plan of each organization. At the end of the meeting, the Shizuoka Declaration was adopted and we reassured the union of persons with disabilities in Northeast Asia and decided to have a next meeting in China in 2016.
Please refer to the Report.


Picture1:Representatives of 4 countries gathered


Picture2:Courtesy Vsit to Deputy Governor

Shizuoka Declaration(WORDPDF)
Meeting Report(WORDPDF)


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