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July 2011

12 July 2011

Focal Relief Center Fukushima Activity Report Reported by Mr. Kiyoharu Shiraishi at Focal Relief Center Fukushima

The 9.0 magnitude unprecedented greatest earthquake hit
the Northeastern and the Kanto regions on March 11th.
Due to Massive tsunami from the earthquake devastated all coast areas of Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima. More than 27 thousand lives are lost or
Moreover, No.1 nuclear plant in Fukushima was hit and broken down by tsunami and the invisible radiation has been polluting people, crops, livestock, and nature.
We still don’t know when the plant troubles come to an end. So we cannot find the start line for the reconstruction of Fukushima prefecture.
We, Fukushima Support Center have visited most of the shelters with
the help of a lot of volunteers to confirm the safety of persons with disabilities, offer counselling and research their needs. Then entire pictures of hard situations of persons with disabilities in shelters have been recognized.

Fukushima Support Center keeps on sending relief goods and volunteers to organizations in Minami-souma which are facing most severe situation.
As for activities of Fukushima Support Center, we are going to establish a shelter-salon in Koriyama to support persons with disabilities from Minami-Souma, Kawamata, Kawauti, and Katsurao.
And also, now we are making the list of the graduates of Koriyama Special School and we have just input the data. After checking up the data with the officer of alumni association, we would like to visit the graduates individually who live in Hamadori and in Nakadori.

In Fukushima, as we said before, both government and private are still running about in confusion by nuclear trouble. We also have agonized whether we will stay at Koriyama. Radiation would not be a big problem for aged like me, however it may be big problems for young and children.
If it takes long time until the nuclear plant stop releasing radiation, we would think of possibilities of evacuations of young people and children.
Even under the circumstances, we are keep on smiling because smile builds up our immunity, and the boosted immunity recovers broken DNA by radiation.
We will do our best to continue our activities until we accomplish Fukushima recovery. We really appreciate your cooperation.
Many sincerely;

Photo: May 4th (Wed) Mr. Hirotada Ototake visits us. Evryone's wonderful smiles.


Copied from Newsletter of the JIL(June 6).

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